Seminar Videos

Full Webinar: The Origins of Codependency and Pathological Narcissism

In this hour webinar Ross explains the origins of codependency and pathological narcissism, that is detailed in his Human Magnet Syndrome book and in his full-length 5.5 hour Human Magnet Syndrome seminar video.

The Human Magnet Syndrome: Understanding The Codependent/Pathological Narcissist Relationship

This is the long-awaited update to Ross Rosenberg’s breakthrough seminar that was given in 27 states/60 cities in a two-year period and was the basis for his highly acclaimed best-selling book, “The Human Magnet Syndrome: Why We Love People Who Hurt Us.” The seminar has already changed the lives of tens of thousands, who fall prey to narcissistic abuse.

Codependency Addiction: The Compulsive Attraction to Narcissists

Ross Rosenberg, a codependency and addictions expert, Introduces his codependency addiction model and outline treatment objectives and protocols. His “codependency addiction” concept picks up where his breakthrough book, The Human Magnet Syndrome, left off. Not only are codependents reflexively and irresistibly attracted to pathological narcissists, but they are also driven and controlled by a powerful and insidious addiction.

The Codependency Cure, Self-Love Deficit Disorder & Self-Love Recovery: The New Frontiers in Mental Health

The Codependency Cure™ is the much-anticipated follow-up to Ross Rosenberg’s Human Magnet Syndrome work (book and seminar). While Rosenberg’s best-selling first book, The Human Magnet Syndrome, explained why codependents repeatedly and reflexively fall in love with people who hurt them, this seminar takes the next step of redefining the problem and offering an actual long term solution. Like with his Human Magnet Syndrome work, Rosenberg has created persuasive and intuitively accessible psychological theories, explanations, and techniques to support his new work.

The Ten-Stage Self-Love Recovery™ Program: Getting To The Codependency Cure™ (Version 2)

The 10 Stage Self-Love Recovery Treatment Program represents the latest thinking and theoretical formulation on codependency, attachment and addiction treatment. This revolutionary model is the backbone for Ross Rosenberg’s internationally recognized work on “The Codependency Cure” and “Self-Love Deficit Disorder.” This innovative paradigm provides required conceptual information to move beyond Rosenberg’s Human Magnet Syndrome explanation, toward the solution for it.

Pathological Narcissists: Who They Are & What to Do About Them - The Observe Don't Absorb Technique

Expect a fascinating multi-media seminar that is highly relevant to both the clinical and general audience. The Pathological Narcissistic Disorders will be deconstructed, redefined and re-conceptualized in a manner that is clinically accurate, interesting, and useful. Rosenberg will present cutting-edge information on the Pathological Narcissistic Disorders (NPD, BPD, ASPD & Addictions), and how a psychotherapist, friend, husband or mother, can safely manage them.

Narcissism Experts Talk about the Complexities of Pathological Narcissism: Ross Rosenberg and Wendy Behary

This is a 65-minute discussion with two international experts on narcissism and narcissistic abuse. Ross Rosenberg and Wendy Behary impassionate share their thoughts about the spread of narcissism in our culture and society. They compare and contrast their treatment methods and theoretical understandings on Narcissism and Narcissistic abuse.

Gaslighting Is Everywhere! How and Why Pathological Narcissists Brainwash Others

Like many of Ross’s seminar’s, gaslighting is everywhere is an ideal seminar for the general public and mental health and medical professionals. This life-changing seminar puts into words what so many people have experienced, but have not had the psychological concepts and explanations to understand it. Up until this time, very little has been written about the phenomenon; and what has, has lacked depth and details. Ross Rosenberg provides the first comprehensive explanation of gaslighting. He creatively and astutely re-defines the problem as much as he explains the perpetrator or it, the victim, and the relationship dynamic that pulls them together. More Info

Observe Don’t Absorb: Neutralizing Narcissistic Abuse

Ross Rosenberg introduces, explains and demonstrates his revolutionary and much heralded narcissistic abuse defense strategy. The viewer will learn how and ODA empowers and assists recovering codependents to set boundaries with manipulative pathological narcissists (NPD, ASPD or addicts). By “observing and not absorbing,” one maintains emotional equanimity while preventing themselves from losing control to the manipulative narcissists.

Banishing Fear: Finding the Courage to Heal from Codependency/Self-Love Deficit Disorder

Banishing fear and finding courage to heal or recover from codependency, or what Ross now refers to as Self-Love Deficit Disorder is the perfect seminar from those who want to heal and grow into more complete self-loving, self-caring and self-respecting individuals. Ross Rosenberg and Lisa Romano, two internationally renowned experts in the respective fields, will jointly participate in a life-changing seminar that focuses on the codependency/Self-Love Deficit Disorder and trauma recovery.

Healing the Inner Trauma Child: Attachment Trauma Resolution Method

A Cutting Edge and One-of-A-Kind Training Experience

Healing the Inner Trauma Child Method, or HITC, is the psychotherapy technique developed by Ross Rosenberg over his entire (29 year) career. It is the culmination of both his clinical work and his own journey in resolving the childhood trauma responsible for his Self-Love Deficit Disorder™ (codependency). HITC is an amalgam of various psychological theory and treatment methods that, over time, morphed into Ross’s own unique treatment approach to trauma. HITC was highly influenced by the seminal trauma resolution work by Besser van der Kolk and Peter Levine.

This video seminar explains in detail how and why early childhood trauma, especially the type perpetrated by pathologically narcissistic parents, results in the psychologically debilitating condition of Self-Love Deficit Disorder (SLDD). As Ross explains in his Codependency Cure™ seminars, SLDD cannot be resolved unless a trained, knowledgeable, and experienced psychotherapist taps into the underlying and invisible forces that created it, which in the case of SLDD are: attachment trauma, core shame, pathological loneliness, and SLDD addiction.

Healing the Inner Trauma Child Method provides a psychotherapist with the necessary treatment tools so that they can dig deep into the hard-to-reach parts of a person’s psyche and resolve SLDD. HITC driven psychotherapy facilitates the psychological breakthroughs necessary for a client to break through to “Self-Love Abundance” to become a SLA - the “Codependency Cure.”

Paleonpsychotherapy: Treating Trauma by Unearthing Trauma Fossils

The Codependency: Cure: Treating Codependency as a Trauma and Addiction Disorder taps into Ross Rosenberg’s 28 years of experience working with codependents and trauma survivors, to create clinical frameworks, techniques and strategies to treat codependency, trauma and addictions. Like his previous work, he delivers the information in manner that is topical, personal, clinically relevant, entertaining and personally transformative.

The Role Dreaming Has On Trauma Integration: A Foolproof Dream Analysis Method

This video seminar focuses on the role dreaming and unconscious brain functioning has on trauma management, trauma storage, dissociation, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Attachment Trauma, and trauma resolution. The video provides Ross Rosenberg’s foolproof method of dream analysis.

Intensive Weekend Retreat Video Content

As a result of numerous requests, SLRI is releasing a video package of its Self-Love Recovery (intensive weekend) Retreat. Licensed psychotherapists Ross Rosenberg and David Rennard co-facilitated a life-changing and immensely healing event. For those who can’t experience the retreat, this might be what you need!