Ross's Recommended Order

Ross Rosenberg’s seminar material was created with the intent to describe his evolving practical and theoretical work on Codependency/Self-Love Deficit Disorder™ and Narcissistic Abuse. To fully appreciate and understand the full-scope of his work (and not feel like you are missing information), it is recommended that you purchase the following SLRI™ products in the below recommended order. If you should purchase one video before the other, you might be left with unanswered questions.

  1. The Human Magnet Syndrome: Understanding The Codependent/Pathological Narcissist Relationship
  2. The Codependency Cure™: Overcoming Self-Love Deficit Disorder™
  3. Pathological Narcissists: Who They Are And What To Do About Them (includes Observe Don’t Absorb Technique)
  4. The Ten Stage Self-Love Recovery Model: Getting To Self-Love Recovery™
  5. Gaslighting Is Everywhere! How and Why Pathological Narcissists Brainwash Others
  6. Healing the Inner Trauma Child: Attachment Trauma Resolution Method
  7. Banishing Fear: Finding The Courage To Heal From Codependency/Self-Love Deficit Disorder™
  8. Paleonpsychotherapy: Treating Trauma By Unearthing Trauma Fossils
  9. Codependency Addiction: The Compulsive Attraction To Narcissists
  10. Narcissism Experts Talk about the Complexities of Pathological Narcissism: Ross Rosenberg and Wendy Behary
  11. The Role Dreaming Has On Trauma Integration: A Foolproof Dream Analysis Method