Human Magnet Syndrome Books

The Human Magnet Syndrome

This book is about the invisible but powerful magnetic-like attraction force that reflexively pulls oppositely “charged” codependents and narcissists into a relationship trance that begins like a dream, but quickly disintegrates into a maddening nightmare. Patient and sacrificing codependents only know how to “dance” with a person whose personality type is opposite but highly compatible with their own. Similarly, selfish and self-absorbed narcissists are born to dance with codependents, whose personality type fits perfectly with theirs - like a hand in a glove. Despite the explosion of relationship chemistry, this compatible “opposite relationship” is destined to disintegrate into a painful “seesaw” of love, pain, hope and disappointment. Ultimately, the “soulmate“ of the codependent’s dreams inevitably and predictably becomes the “cellmate” of their nightmares.